Choose A High Quality Thermos Bottle

- Dec 20, 2019-

As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, more and more people begin to pay attention to health preservation, and they begin to choose to drink boiled water or warm boiled water to avoid or directly drink cold water or ice cold water as little as possible. However, to be able to drink warm water anytime and anywhere is bound to be inseparable from a good thermos bottle.


So how can we tell whether the quality of a thermos bottle is good or bad?

First of all, we need to test its heat preservation performance. The simplest way is to pour boiling water into the thermos bottle and wait for one to two minutes. If we feel the sign of heating on the wall of the thermos bottle, we can basically judge that the heat preservation effect of the thermos bottle will not be very good, because the vacuum degree of the thermos bottle is poor. We often see people use their ears to listen to the empty thermos bottle to determine whether it has vacuum performance. However, research results show that our ears can't hear it, so this detection method is wrong.


Second, we need to test its sealing performance. The specific operation is to fill the thermos bottle with hot water, then close the bottle cover, place it horizontally on the desktop, and observe whether there is water seepage; then turn it upside down for a few minutes to see whether there is water seepage; finally, shake it vigorously for a few times to see whether there is water leakage. If there is no water seepage, it is proved that the sealing performance of this thermos bottle is very good.


Third, we need to check its plastic parts. As we all know, we can't use boiled water to contact non food grade plastic directly, because this kind of plastic will produce a substance harmful to our human body. So how do we identify? Food grade plastics are characterized by no peculiar smell, bright color, smooth surface, long service life and not easy to aging, while ordinary plastics are the opposite


Fourth, we need to check the stainless steel material of the thermos bottle. There are many specifications of stainless steel material, of which 18 / 8 (304) is in line with the national food standard, and the thermos bottle of this material can prevent rust and corrosion. The ordinary stainless steel material, when we put it into brine, will produce rust spots, which will cause direct harm to human health elements will exceed the standard. So we should choose to use the thermos bottle made of standard green environmental protection material.


Finally, we need to check the appearance of the thermos bottle. Check whether the liner and body of the thermos bottle have defects and bumps; check whether the cup mouth is smooth; check whether the bottle cover and the cup body fit; check whether the thermos bottle has product details, such as product name, capacity, production place, use method, etc.


The above is my advice on how to choose a high quality thermos bottle. You should choose it according to the actual situation.