Choosing Baby Bottles Requires Understanding Four Major Differences.

- Mar 08, 2019-

Choosing baby bottles requires understanding four major differences.

Baby bottles have many brands and different shapes, but they are always the same. Generally speaking, there are the following major differences:

1.Can disinfect? Nowadays, almost all the baby feeding bottles are made of non-toxic plastic, which ensures high temperature resistance and resistance to smash. As far as this feature is concerned, no matter what kind of bottle parents buy, there is no need to worry that the baby can't hold it and break it and hurt himself. However, not all baby bottles can be disinfected. When purchasing, it is necessary to see clearly. There must be a note on the outer box: machine washable or disinfected.


2. Duck-billed and straw type. Although the major brands have their own patented designs, in fact, it is nothing more than duck-billed and straw-shaped, but the details are slightly different. Look more carefully, parents will find that whether it is duck-billed or straw-shaped, there are soft and hard differences. Soft mouth (tube) is generally made of food-grade silicone, which is closer to the feeling of pacifier; hard mouth is non-toxic plastic. Parents can choose according to their baby's preferences.

3. Is there a scale? All baby bottles have scales, but not all bottles. It is inconvenient to use the non-scaled baby bottles to prepare formula milk powder. Parents can choose according to the actual needs of use.


4.Is there a handle? Some baby bottles have handles, some baby feeding bottles are made into handy shapes so that babies can hold them easily without handles, and some brands use handles as optional accessories. Parents buy according to their baby's habits.