Cleaning Strategy Of Thermos Bottle

- Nov 08, 2019-

Although there are many times about the information about "making tea with thermos bottle will reduce nutrition", but in real life, there are not a few who make tea with thermos bottle. This is mainly because the tea made with thermos bottle is easy to keep for a longer time, and the small loss of nutrition is not enough to affect the direct change of life habits. However, it is easy to form tea dirt on the thermos bottle due to the long-term use of thermos bottle for tea. How to remove these tea dirt?

1. As long as you crush the eggshell, put it into the dirty thermos bottle to be cleaned, and then drop a few drops of vinegar, shake it slowly, and then brush it with a brush, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean at ordinary times. If you have a tea cup with heavy tea dirt accumulation at home, you may as well use the broken eggshell to scrub the cup, and you will find that the tea dirt on the cup surface can be cleaned easily.

2. Rub the thermos bottle with sponge dipped in salt, and easily remove the tea dirt inside the thermos bottle. This method is very simple, and the effect of clearing is obvious.

3. The thermos bottle can also be soaked in the solution of bleach or detergent, and placed overnight to remove the tea dirt.


Drink tea half an hour after dinner. Don't drink tea at the same time. For example, when drinking tea, it is best to eat some fruit or take vitamin C tablets after meals, so as to increase the absorption of iron by the human body. Green tea itself is rich in vitamin C, which has little effect on iron absorption and can be drunk more.