Cleaning Tips For Water Cups

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Salt

Whether it's salt or coarse salt, it can help us get rid of the tea stains on the cups.

After the finger is stained, brush back and forth above the tea stains, only two or three minutes, you will find that the tea stains magically disappeared, and also not easy to hurt the cup body.

2. Toothpaste

First rinse the cup with water (without leaving water), then rub it on top of the cup wall with toothpaste, then flush with water.

3. Citrus Peel

Sometimes encountered old scale, how to brush are not clean, you might as well look in the kitchen with leftover lemon, or eat after the orange to throw away the peel. For cleaning the coffee cup, use lemon slices or a little vinegar to wipe the edge of the Cup; in the case of a coffee pot, we can slice the lemon, wrap it in cloth and put it in the upper part of the coffee pot, add water to the full. Boil the lemon in the way of making coffee, and let it drip into the pot below with a drop. When there are yellowish droplets of water coming out of the coffee pot, this is evidence that citric acid clears the coffee stains.

Generally speaking, it is possible to clean up the coffee pot about two times.

4. Peel + Salt 

Use peel instead of cantaloupe cloth: After taking salt, then take to brush tea stains, can also achieve unexpected good results.

If there is no peel, the use of a little vinegar will have the same effect.

5. Kitchen Bleach

Dilute the kitchen bleach first in the large basin, then put the cup into the soak for one night, the next day with water cleaning, the tea stains will become clean and slip.