Colorful Frosted Water Bottle

- Apr 01, 2020-

In modern life, there are many kinds of water bottles, colorful and creative. Especially the frosted water bottle, no matter from the design or vision, has its own unique advantages.

The frosted water bottle, based on the original high-quality water bottle and through professional spray painting processing, forms an environment-friendly and safe frosted surface. Compared with the transparent water bottle, it is more durable, beautiful and comfortable, as new as ever.

In daily life, frosted water bottle is not easy to get dust and fingerprints. The water bottle without frosting, especially after exercise, perspires a lot. It's easy to get fingerprints. It's poor and unsightly. The surface of the frosted water bottle is a matte color, and the color is more colorful, which is incomparable with the transparent water bottle. Even if it is an ordinary cup, adding a frosting layer, it shows a more high-end atmosphere.

In addition, the frosted gift water bottle is more fashionable than the ordinary gift water bottle. Compared with other ordinary transparent water bottles, it has its own unique advantages. It brings not only visual experience, but also people's attitude and quality of life.

frosted water bottle