Colorful Water Cups Endanger Our Health

- May 27, 2019-

With the improvement of technological level and the opening of creative thinking, many people are not satisfied with ordinary cups now. With the various kinds of cups on the market, most of them have become their own style. Some cups are very cool, some cups look very lovely, and some cups are very simple and fashionable. Similarly, many businessmen are interested in it. In order to make the cup look more lovely, some "decorations" were made at the mouth of the cup. Especially now, in order to attract consumers, the merchants replace the cup lid with a lovely silica gel cover. However, these beautiful decorations can easily cause serious problems to our health.

Now many cup caps are no longer ceramics, because the ceramic caps are particularly easy to break, and not easy to put, so now many people are beginning to like the lovely and changeable silicone cup caps. Silicone cup cap, is covered on the cup, pinched soft, very flexible cup cap, and many patterns, very lovely.


But many businesses use rubber instead of silica gel, cheating consumers will not distinguish the difference between silica gel and rubber, so many times we will find that the lid smells. These smelly ones are rubber imitations. We'd better not use this kind of lid.

Sometimes we buy colorful cups. In fact, after a long period of use, heavy metals in paint and these harmful organic solvents will do harm to our body.


So the most healthy drinking water cup and water bottle is the most common glass cup and glass water bottle in our life. The glass cup and glass water bottle is not only very healthy, but also very easy to clean, and the glass is transparent. If there is dirt in the water, it can also be found by us in time. So the glass water bottle and glass cup is the best choice for us to drink healthy water.