Comparison Of Plastic Water Bottle And Ceramic Thermos Bottle

- Jun 05, 2019-

Plastic cup / plastic water bottle: Plastics belong to chemical polymer materials, and most of them are harmful to human health. Boiled water and hot water are filled in plastic water bottles, and toxic chemicals in plastic are easily released into the water. In addition, the plastic surface seems smooth, in fact, from the microscopic structure, there are many holes, which are easy to hide dirt, so half of the plastic water bottles are not clean, and even easy to stick and astringent, while the poor quality plastic water bottles are mostly odorous.


Ceramic insulated water bottle: The material of the inner liner of the insulated water bottle is the same as that of the daily thermos bottle. We all know that the thermal insulation effect of the household thermos bottle is quite good, and the thermos water bottle has the same function. In the cold winter, it is a good choice to go out to meetings or play, for fear that there is no hot water to drink on the way. It is a good choice to put some hot water on the insulated water bottle. For patients with diabetes mellitus and some chronic diseases, they need to drink hot water at any time. Thermal insulated water bottle is also the first choice. However, we need to remind you that do not use thermal insulated water bottles to make tea, because many nutrients in tea will be greatly reduced at high and constant temperatures, thus affecting absorption.