Correct Understanding Of High Borosilicate Glass

- Feb 15, 2019-

Buy glass water bottle, want to ask if it is high borosilicate material needs to see what standards it meets? Which material is better to drink water? Many people do not know about high borosilicate glass, so what material is high borosilicate glass? Which kind of glass water bottle is the safest to drink water?


High borosilicate heat-resistant glass can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of about 150 C. It is safe to serve hot and cold drinks. The main processes are manual blowing and semi-automatic assembly line, as well as special pressing. Ordinary glass can roughly withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of 75 C. It is recommended to drink cold drinks, boiled water and so on. Mainly is the pressing process and iron pipe blowing process. Tempered glass is not recommended for liquids.


The high borosilicate glass water bottle made by manual blowing is mainly made of high borosilicate glass tubes, which are fired at high temperature and then placed in the mould for rotary blowing or fixed blowing. Blown products are generally thin. General high borosilicate glass tea sets and coffee sets are about 1.2-1.8 mm in thickness and 1.8-2.2 mm in pots. Occasionally, there are straight cups or pots that are very thick. That's because they are not blown. They are made of raw materials and pipes, so they can reach the thickness of 2-4 mm.


Double glass water bottles must be made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass. The glass with handle is light and thin. It must be high borosilicate glass with thickness less than 2 mm. If it is very thick, then it depends on whether the handle part has a mold print, and if so, it is not heat-resistant glass (except in very few cases), and if not, it is heat-resistant glass. If you stick the handle on, look closely at the joint between the handle and the cup body, you will surely see the difference, it will not be symmetrical, and it will not be perfect. Generally straight cups, if the bottom is very thick, must be suppressed, because manual work, the bottom thickened to 2 centimeters, it is absolutely expensive, and the thickness will not be consistent, very ugly, not worth the loss.


Different types of high borosilicate glass have different materials, but high borosilicate glass water bottle is a cost-effective glass. It is very good for people to drink water and tea. It is also very safe to use this kind of glass bottle to drink water.