Craft Of Children's Pots

- Nov 26, 2018-

Extended Insulation Cup original process

1, in the aspect of insulation to extend the Thermos Cup multi-layer vacuum to prevent heat conduction principle

2, the use of cover and bottle body with the use of round mouth seal and non-toxic food grade silicone added to the seal, completely leakproof

3, the use of all imported sus304-2b high-quality stainless steel and non-toxic temperature-resistant food grade plastic manufacturing

4, the use of fully automatic welding and Japan's tail-free vacuum technology to prevent heat exchange between the inner gall and the outside world, long insulation time, good effect

5, the overall tensile molding technology, the shell using automatic pipe making and water rise forming technology, advanced technology to manufacture high-quality products

6, imported raw lacquer gelatinization, durable, insulated cold, delicate and smooth feel, velvet texture 7, process high temperature disinfection, no odor does not chuanwei, health, good taste.