Did You Use Your Office Water Cup Correctly?

- Jun 14, 2019-

It's better to have a lid on the office water cup.

In the office, many people like to drink water with an open mug or glass cup, which is both fashionable and convenient. Little imagine, this kind of cup by the influence of computer static electricity, will absorb more dust, even bacteria. So the best way is to cover the cup.

When the computer starts, it will form an electrostatic field and absorb a large amount of suspended dust. When the cabinet heats up, the dust will also come out with the hot air, so the surrounding area of the general computer is particularly dirty.

The dust adsorbed by static electricity may contain many kinds of viruses and bacteria. Once these harmful substances enter the water cup and are drunk, they will inevitably affect health for a long time. It's better to hold hot water in the cup, because the hot air evaporates outward to disperse the dust. If the water is cold and the cup is not covered, the cup will become a receiving station for dust and bacteria. Therefore, it is better not to close the cup to the computer and other electrical appliances.


How to Choose Water Cup for Drinking Water in Office

Most office workers prefer plastic cups to glasses. That's because plastic cups are not only cheap, but also not afraid of falling. They are beautiful, and many people are willing to choose plastic cups. But it's better not to use plastic cups in the office.


Plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When hot water or boiling water is filled in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into water, and the internal micro-structure of plastics has many holes, which hide dirt, and bacteria can easily breed if it is not cleaned properly. In the office, people only wash the cups with clean water, and the cups can not be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Therefore, experts warn that in the office as far as possible do not use plastic cups, even if you want to use, you must also choose food-grade plastic cups in line with national standards.


It's better to use stainless steel cups, glass water bottles or glass cups in the office, wash them every day, use detergent and rinse them with hot water.