Do You Know All These Kids Water Bottles?

- Feb 15, 2020-

1. Kids plastic water bottle. Plastic water bottles are used more in life, and there are many kinds of shapes, children will be more interested. In addition, the plastic water bottle will not be easy to damage, more durable. Therefore, many parents will choose plastic water bottles. But the plastic water bottle also has some disadvantages. If the plastic water bottle is used to hold hot water, some chemical reactions will occur when the plastic is exposed to high temperature, resulting in some harmful substances. These harmful substances will enter the child's body together with water. If they continue for a long time, the child's body will be damaged.

2. Kids glass water bottle. The better kids water bottle is made of glass, which is a transparent material and does not carry harmful substances. If there are stains on the bottle, it can be seen clearly. In addition, the glass water bottle is easier to clean and disinfect. Although it's better, it's easier to break, so many parents are reluctant to buy it. Especially if children are naughty, they are easy to break the water cup. Glass has a strong thermal conductivity. If the water bottle is filled with hot water, children may be scalded. At present, many glass water bottles on the market will have a plastic insulation layer, which will not burn to children. But parents had better not put too hot water in the water bottle, because the water bottle may explode and crack.

3. Kids stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel is generally used in heat preservation water bottle or kettle, because stainless steel is very solid, not easy to damage, and the thermal conductivity is not strong, not only has no other material shortcomings, but also has its own advantages. Therefore, for parents, stainless steel water bottle is the best for children. Therefore, in winter, many people will prepare a thermos for children. However, as stainless steel contains some trace elements, it should also be used with great caution.