Don't Be Trapped By Cups

- Apr 17, 2019-

A group of successful alumni gathered to visit the aged University teachers. Soon, their topic turned to complaining about the pressure of work and life. The teacher went to the kitchen and brought the guests a large pot of coffee and a variety of coffee cups: ceramic, plastic and glass. Some of the coffee cups were ordinary in appearance, while others were expensive and delicate. The teacher asked the students to fetch hot coffee by themselves.

When all the students picked up a cup of coffee, the teacher said: "You may notice that all the nice and expensive coffee cups have been taken away, and the rest are cheap and ordinary. Yes, that's normal. You all want to get the best for yourself, but that's the source of problems and stress. What you really want is coffee, not coffee cups, but you consciously go to get better coffee cups and keep a close eye on each other's coffee cups.

The teacher paused and continued. "Now, if we compare life to coffee, then work, money and social status are coffee cups. They are just tools for life, and the quality of life does not change with them. Sometimes, we just focus on the coffee cup instead of enjoying it wholeheartedly.

Don't let the cup get in your way. Learn to enjoy the coffee.

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