Don't Constrain Your Life For A Water Cup

- Mar 20, 2019-

Don't constrain your life for a water cup

To do a psychological test to test your decision making ability

Today, you are going to travel far away. Just out of the house, a white dress, white beard god suddenly appeared in front of you. He tells you that he can give you a gift to help you on your journey, but you can only choose one of the following:

1.A horse.

2. A camel.

3. A strong elephant.

Which one would you choose to ride?

Let your mind stop here and explore the reasons behind your decision-making. Ask yourself two questions:

1. Whatever your choice, why did you choose this?

2. On what basis do you exclude the other two items?

How do you exclude other options in your daily life?


Whatever your answer is, here's the best answer I've ever heard.

See where I'm going to travel.

Is the logical thinking of ordinary people like this? I like horses, because they are powerful, beautiful and can walk very fast. I like the feeling of galloping! I don't like camels and elephants because they are too slow! But if you go to the desert, you'll die of thirst if you can't ride an elephant 20 kilometers away. If you go to the grassland, what's the use of a camel? So the advanced mind will understand that the choice of an animal does not depend on what meaning it means to me at the moment, but on what value it has for me in the future.


The value of a thing depends not on the value you are judging, but on the value in the future. This is called future value.


If a person has a water cup in his hand, what is his best choice next?

Some people say that water should be loaded, some people say that it should be shared with others, some people say that they should analyze themselves and use water in the best way...

What's your answer?


I tell you, a person with a cup in his hand, he should do what he wants to do, and what is the inevitable relationship with the cup?


Each of us has such a cup in our hearts. We stare at this cup for fear of losing it, limit our horizons, stiffen our minds, and prevent us from seeing what is really valuable. Some people's cups are called "professional", some people's cups are called "emotional", and some people's cups are called "comfortable and good work". What's your cup?


Nevertheless, remember, don't bind your truly valuable life to a water cup!