Don't Let Your 1-year-old Baby Drink From A Nipple Bottles Or Duckbill Water Bottles

- Jun 21, 2019-

Don't let your 1-year-old baby drink from a nipple bottles or duckbill water bottles

It's not easy for children to drink water. It's even harder for them to use water cups. But Li, director of Stomatology at the Institute of Pediatrics, warned that children should not be allowed to drink from baby bottles or duck-billed bottles for a long time because they were afraid of trouble and trouble, but should exercise their ability to drink from the age of 1.


Early education experts say that in dental clinics, we can see a lot of children with malocclusion due to mandibular and maxillary dysplasia. This has a lot to do with the long-term use of duck-billed cups and pacifiers. When a baby uses a cup with a duck's mouth, the force on the mouth is similar to sucking the thumb, and the teeth are pushed back. After one year of age, children are in a critical period of tooth development. If they use duck-billed cups and pacifiers for a long time, they will lead to dental development problems.


In order to let the baby have a good tooth, parents should pay attention to the following questions:

1. If children need duck-billed water bottles to help them drink water, it is better not to put sweet drinks in the water bottles in case they overuse them; after drinking water, let the baby put down the bottle immediately, and do not cultivate the habit of growing up.

2. Duck-billed water bottles can be used as transitional products, but not for too long. Because 1-2 years old is the best time for babies to learn to drink water cups, it is recommended to use them occasionally after 1 year old, but not after 2 years old.

3. Starting at the age of 1, babies practice using water cups. During this period, they need to be cared for by adults. They also need to use strong and durable plastic cups or stainless steel cups with less water. Usually after the age of 2, the baby can drink water freely.

4. Some parents feel that the straw water bottle is easy, but this method is not advisable. Because babies like to bite straws, long-term use, the same is not conducive to teeth.