Drink More Water As The Weather Gets Colder

- May 16, 2019-

Drink more water as the weather gets colder!

In hot summer, people often sweat profusely and drink more water to supplement water, which everyone can understand. Medical experts have shown that people should drink more water in autumn and winter. But! Do you know why?

1.In the cold autumn and winter, people like to close doors and windows, resulting in indoor hypoxia, when people will feel dizzy, patients with cardiopulmonary diseases will feel difficult to breathe, leading to the emergence of various diseases. Drinking more water is conducive to oxygen supply, smooth breathing and good health.

2. Don't wait until thirsty to drink water, especially for those who are physically exhausted. Drinking more water in cold weather can also accelerate metabolism and play a role in resisting cold. In autumn and winter, the climate is dry and the air humidity is small, so water should be supplemented.

3. Entering the peak season of influenza, people often have fever, shortness of breath, skin evaporation of water and other metabolic acceleration performance. Drinking more water at this time can not only promote sweating and urination, but also help to regulate body temperature, accelerate bacteria and viruses in the body out of the body.

4. Although the human body sweats less in cold weather, adults also lose about 600 milliliters of water a day because tissue fluid evaporates through the skin. In fact, skin shrinks, wrinkles and dries up as long as it loses 5% of its moisture and is not replenished in time. So drink more water when the weather gets cold.


Drinking water should pay attention to the following points:

1. Getting up in the morning and drinking a glass of water is good for health. It can clean the intestines and stomach and wake up quickly.

2. When drinking water, first put the water in your mouth, slowly, let the internal organs of the body adapt to the water temperature.

3. Drink plenty of water at ordinary times to keep skin elasticity and delay the occurrence of wrinkles.

4. Drinking more water is right, but it is not advocated to drink too much at one time and drink slowly several times.

5. It's better not to drink water two hours before bedtime, so as not to cause eye edema.

Drinking water is recommended with a thermos water bottle or glass water bottle. If using a plastic water bottle, it is recommended to use a Tritan plastic water bottle, BPA free, healthy, non-toxic and harmless.

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