Each Cup, There Is A Story, Experience A Different Life.

- Apr 10, 2019-

Each cup, there is a story, experience a different life.

English style, I have my tonality, blooming colorful life, gentle and elegant, mature and sexy, is the gentleman's black cup, the sunshine is idle, is the golden cup, pure and kind, is extremely white cup, flower-like age, has a fantastic pink cup, deep blue sea, from the deep lake blue thermal cup, each cup is a story, a life. Experience different life, will not regret for missing out!


There are many kinds of water bottles, which can be categorized according to materials: insulating water bottle, glass water bottle, plastic water bottle, stainless steel water bottle, etc. According to its functions, it can be divided into daily cup, advertising cup, promotion cup, etc. According to the meaning, it can be divided into lovers cup, couple cup, etc. According to the structure and technology, they can be divided into single-layer cup, double-layer cup, vacuum cup, nanocup, energy cup, ecological cup, etc.

Glass water bottle is the best choice for drinking water. Among all the materials, glass water bottle is the healthiest. Glass water bottle does not contain organic substances in the process of firing. When people drink water or other drinks with glass water bottle, they do not need to worry about the chemical substances will be drunk into their stomach. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the glass wall. So people drink water with glass water bottle is the healthiest and safest.