Features Of Stewed Kettle

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Safety: Break Heat conditioning process free of gas, do not have to worry because the pot does not burn dry and dangerous, even if the pot steaming, the outer pot is not hot, and there is no pressure without explosion fear.

2. Save time and money Save energy: Only take a little time to boil the water in the pot, move into the outer pot can be, do not have to stay behind the fire, both save energy and help you create a lot of work and entertainment time, six hours insulation capacity of more than 70 degrees. 3. Nutritional delicious: Boiling conditioning time is shortened, do not destroy the nutrition of food, meat is not easy to aging, to maintain the original flavor of soup, pig feet, Niu Jian, porridge products ...

Both Chinese and Western dishes can be adjusted.