Function Of Insulated Water Bottle

- Apr 22, 2019-

For vacuum thermos water bottles, the general consumer will have such a misunderstanding, so that they can buy a bad insulated water bottle or it is too expensive. Below, let's take a look at some misunderstandings about purchasing insulated water bottles:

The heavier the bottle, the better. In fact, the reason why the thermos bottle is heavy is that the thermos bottle manufacturer adds other things, such as magnetic discs, other sundries or some insulation materials to the thermos bottle when it is manufactured. If you buy a thermos bottle that weighs a lot heavier than other thermos bottle and shakes with a noticeable sense of something shaking, this thermos bottle will never be vacuum. Therefore, the thermos bottle is not good because it is heavier. Although it may have heat insulation effect, it must not be as good as the vacuum thermos bottle.


For the newly purchased thermos bottle, there will always be a peculiar odor, or metal odor. To remove this peculiar odor, you can use soda water or 95% alcohol to soak plastic parts for 8 hours to remove the peculiar odor. Of course, the general high-end insulated water bottle will not have such a smell.

If we put ice water in the insulated water bottle, it will be difficult to open it after a period of time. At this time, just use hot water to soak the cup, because the thermal expansion and contraction, put into the ice water cup because the temperature is lower, the gas in the bottle becomes smaller, making the cover of the bottle tighter, soak with warm water or take out the sun for a while, it is easier to open.

There are many layers in the insulated water bottle, its interlayer is usually vacuum, to prevent heat conduction, and then plated with silver, the insulated water bottle can prevent heat radiation.