How To Choose A Good Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle

- Apr 23, 2020-

At present, there are many manufacturers of stainless steel thermos bottle in the market. They are different from each other in terms of raw material channels, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of raw material and brand. It is also a knowledge to choose a good stainless steel thermos bottle.

To choose a good stainless steel thermos bottle, the first prerequisite is brand comparison, we must choose regular businesses to buy, at least to ensure that the sales channel is legitimate, which is really to ensure that the material is guaranteed and the insulation effect is good.

The second is the comparison of stainless steel materials. Only stainless steel materials that meet the requirements of national food level standards can have the performance of rust prevention and corrosion resistance. Those stainless steel components containing less than 18% chromium and less than 8% nickel are ordinary grade stainless steel, which are prone to yellowing and rusting and are not suitable for purchase.

In addition, the vacuum technology can be divided into two types: tailless vacuum and tailed vacuum. The tailless vacuum technology is more advanced and the heat preservation effect of the stainless steel thermos bottle is better.

Finally, it is the comparison of the insulation of the liner, which is the main index to identify the quality of the stainless steel thermos bottle. The high-quality stainless steel thermos bottle must be heat-resistant and heat preservation, and the detection method is very simple. You only need to touch the bottle body after filling with boiling water to see if it is hot. If the bottle body is hot, this kind of stainless steel thermos bottle cannot be purchased.