How To Choose The Right Water Bottle

- Feb 25, 2019-

How to Choose the Right Water Bottle?

Our human body has more than 70% water content, so it is necessary to drink eight glasses of water every day, so how to choose the water cup?


There are plastic water botles, Tritan water botles, insulation water botles, glass water botles, enamel cups, ceramic cups and paper cups. Which one is the best one?


Plastic water botle. Some inferior plastic water botles, filled with hot water will emit toxic chemicals, so we have to choose food-grade plastic water botles that meet national standards without odor. For the first time, before using plastic water botles, it's best to wash them with baking soda powder and warm water. Because there are many voids in the plastic, bacteria are particularly prone to breed when dirt is not cleaned.


Tritan water bottle

Tritan is certified by FDA of the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. It is the material for infant and child products in Europe and the United States. BPA-free, no odor, high temperature resistance, high impact strength, health and safety.


Enamelled cup

Enamel articles do not contain harmful substances such as lead, they are easy to carry and clean. Enamel cups are not easy to break, but knocking is always inevitable, if there is damage, you should throw them away. If the broken enamel cup is used to put drinks, it is easy to release harmful substances. Try not to use glazed cups.


Vacuum bottle

Keep in mind that juice, carbonated drinks, milk, tea and Chinese medicines are not allowed in the thermos bottle.