How To Clean Plastic Water Bottle

- Feb 27, 2019-

How to Clean Plastic Water Bottle

It is better to use food-grade plastic water bottles that meet the national standards. People pay great attention to water quality and drinking water tools at the same time. With people's attention to drinking water health and the strengthening of supervision by relevant state departments, the quality of drinking water products has improved. In our life, many people like to use plastic water bottle, because plastic water bottle has a variety of shapes, bright colors, not afraid of falling characteristics, so it is loved by many people, very suitable for outdoor users and office workers. But when we choose plastic water cups, we must choose food-grade plastics that meet the national standards. For example, PP and Tritan materials.


What are the cleaning methods for plastic water cups?

1.Rice washing water. It is also a good way to soak plastic water bottles overnight with rice washing water. This method can also be applied to glass water bottle, stainless steel water bottle and ceramic cups.

2. Salt. Whether it's salt or crude salt, it can help us remove the tea stains on the cups. After dipping some salt in your finger, brush the tea stain back and forth over it. It only takes two or three minutes to find that the tea stain magically disappears and does not hurt the body of the cup.

3. Citrus peel. Sometimes encounter old dirt, no matter how brush is not clean, you might as well look for leftover lemon in the kitchen, or orange peel. Repeated wiping with the peel will clean up.

4. Milk. The dishcloth can be soaked in milk and used to wipe cups. Soon the dirt can be removed.