How To Clean The New Thermos Bottle?

- Mar 06, 2019-

How to clean the new thermos bottle?

There are many people who buy new thermos water bottles and feel that there are some oil stains or dirt in them. Do you know how to clean them? Today I will introduce several cleaning methods.

1. Before use, first remove the seal, then rinse it several times with boiling water or some edible detergent, and then sterilize it at high temperature in order to kill bacteria.

2. Fresh orange peel can be put into the thermos bottle, tighten the lid, put for about four hours, and finally clean the thermos water bottle.

3. Pour diluted salt water into the thermos bottle, shake it evenly, put it in place for two hours, and then clean the bottle.

4. Another way is to pour two spoonfuls of fresh milk into the thermos bottle, tighten the lid, shake it evenly for about a minute, and finally pour the milk out and clean the bottle.