Introduction Of Insulated Water Bottle Products

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. Choose high-quality stainless steel materials, refined by advanced tailless brazing bottom technology.

2. The stainless steel insulated water bottle body is divided into inner tank and outer shell, with a vacuum insulation layer in the middle. In the process of vacuum extraction, the bottle body should be baked continuously for more than 5 hours at a temperature of 30 degrees until it reaches a high vacuum state. There is strict QC control in the whole production link and process.

3. Vacuum insulated water bottles are manufactured in strict accordance with the QB/T 2332-97G national standard. High standards and high requirements make vacuum insulated water bottles have good cooling and heat preservation functions. They also have the advantages of environmental protection, non-bursting, durability and so on.

4. After dozens of processes of fine carving and grinding, the whole insulated water bottle appears noble and elegant, simple and generous, is a good choice for home travel, gifts!



1. Minors should use it under the guidance of adults or after notification.

2. Before use, please clean the insulated water bottle with neutral detergent inside and outside in warm water.

3. In order to achieve the best heat and cold preservation effect of insulated water bottle, it is suggested to add hot or cold water for preheating or pre-cooling. Ice cubes are better for keeping cold.

4. To prevent leakage, please tighten the switch and cover clockwise when the bottle body is inclined.