Is Your Gift Cup Ready

- Jun 24, 2019-

Is your gift cup ready?

The cup used for gift giving is called gift cup. Gift cup is a way to enhance communication by giving gifts. As a daily commodity, the cup does not need to take the recipient's preferences into account too much. It is also a practical item, reflecting the value of the gift.


In business activities, with the popularity of advertising and the prosperity of business, more and more companies, with the help of practical goods, through the way of gift or promotion, carry out brand or company propaganda, print the logo or slogan of the company on the cup, and achieve long-term advertising and customer relationship maintenance.


Classification of Gift Cups:

There are many kinds of gift cups. According to the material classification, such as ceramic cup, glass, plastic cup, stainless steel cup, paper cup, cloisonne cup, etc., can be divided into daily cup, advertising cup, promotion cup, health cup, etc. according to the meaning can be divided into Hehuan cup, couple cup, couple cup and so on, according to the structure can be divided into single-layer cup, double-layer cup, vacuum cup, nano cup, energy cup, ecological cup and so on. Nowadays, the popular gift cups are mainly double glass cups and double wall glass water bottles. The printed contents are in the inner layer of the cup body, which will not fade, and can print beautiful patterns.


The Meaning of Gift Cup:

Most people like to send cups to relatives, friends, customers and so on. In addition to being very practical, cups have a more special meaning. The Chinese homonym of the cup is "a lifetime". A cup means a lifetime.


If you receive a friend's cup, it means that people treat you as a lifelong friend; if you receive a gift from your lover, the cup, then the God of love has come to your door; although the cup is a symbol of beauty and romance, friends should pay special attention to: the cup is fragile, which also represents his (her) heart, so you should cherish and care for it. If you do not care, it may be "fragile".