Key Points For Children To Choose Water Bottles

- Aug 28, 2019-

Key Points for Children to Choose Water Bottles

There are many kinds of kids water bottles on the market, all kinds of materials, all kinds of styles. How to choose a kids water bottle suitable for babies, mainly following the following principles:


1.  Material selection.

When choosing kids water bottles, it is better to choose PP (polypropylene) material, because this material is food-grade, does not contain bisphenol A, safe and non-toxic. When buying, you can see the instructions for the outer packing of the water bottle.


2. Type of suction nozzle.

Usually divided into duck-billed and straw-type, are made of food grade silicone material, very soft, when drinking water will not hurt the baby's teeth. Duck-billed is more suitable for younger babies, because duck-billed is closer to the shape of the nipple, the baby is easy to suck, and the suction cup is usually larger, suitable for older babies. It is suggested that the duckbill type should be chosen for the transition, and then the straw type should be used after the baby drinks a lot of water.


3. The kids water bottles has scale.

Not all the kids water bottles have scales. The scaled kids water bottles are more convenient to use and can be used to control the baby's drinking water well.


4. With handles.

The kids water bottle with handle is more conducive to the baby's ability to grasp the small finger while drinking water, so as to promote the development of intelligence.


5. Leak-proof

There are many kids water bottles that do not have the function of Inverted without leakage. When baby drinks water, the water bottle is easy to leak.