Learn To Precipitate Yourself

- Aug 02, 2019-

Mike was in a bad mood after he lost his job. In order to relieve his depression, he found the priest in the town.

After hearing Mike's words, the priest took him into an old cottage with a bottle of water on the only table in the room.

The priest smiled and said, "Look at this water bottle. It's been here for a long time. Dust falls into it almost every day, but it's still clear and transparent. Do you know why?

Mike thought it over as if he wanted to see through the water bottle. Suddenly he said, "I see, all the dust has settled to the bottom of the water bottle."

The priest nodded in agreement: "Young man, there are many worries in life. The more you want to forget, the harder it is to forget, the better to remember it. Like this bottle of water, if you shake yourself in disgust, it will make the whole bottle of water uneasy and muddy. What a foolish thing to do. And if you are willing to let them settle down slowly and quietly, and accommodate them with a broad mind, then the mind is not polluted, but more pure.