Life Is Like Water In A Water Bottle

- Jul 12, 2019-

Life is like water in a water bottle

Sitting alone in the office, looking at the water bottle on the desk, dazed: Yes, everyone can not do without water all the time, water is the source of our life; in fact, our life is not this water bottle of water?

We drink water every day, and the water we drink should be no different, but the water bottles we drink are different, but the water in the water bottle does not change itself because of the gorgeousness of the water bottle. Maybe different water bottles affect the mood of drinking water, but the ultimate goal of holding up the water bottle is drinking water, not just enjoying the water bottle. So no matter what kind of water bottle is actually a container, it's all for holding water. Without water, we will not look at the "water bottle" to quench thirst; without water, the water bottle will lose its value of existence!


The same is true of life. Every day we have our own life and are busy running for life, which you and I are no different, just like the water bottle of water; the same is life, everyone lives in different levels of wealth, which is like the water bottle of water. However, without water, there is no water to hold, what is the use of water bottles; without life, can not survive, what can rich and poor do? So, no matter rich or poor, no matter what kind of situation, no matter what kind of state, we should cherish every day of our life, because you and I have the same length of each day, and its wonderful degree lies in their own cherishing and efforts. Yes, tears are not the whole of the poor. Smiling is not the patent of the rich. Only sweat can bring a colorful life.


However, no matter what kind of water bottle, we can not stop pouring water into it, because each water bottle has a certain capacity; just as everyone's life is limited, we can't do all the things we want to do in a limited life. Sometimes we get tired of drinking water, or even tasteless, just add some sugar or tea in the water, but in fact, the most we drink is boiled water without anything at all. This is also like life, plain is its main theme, but there is no lack of sweet and sour and bitter, joy and sorrow and separation.


Water needs to be drunk slowly one mouthful at a time, and daily life needs to be earnestly spent one day at a time.