Make Tea In A Glass Water Bottle

- Apr 27, 2019-

Make tea in a glass water bottle

Tea is good for health, only by drinking tea correctly can we achieve the goal of relieving thirst and worrying, improving mental and thinking, eliminating fatigue and improving health. When it comes to making tea, we first think of celadon cups, white porcelain cups and pottery cups such as purple sand cups. In fact, high-quality glass cup is also a better tea cup. Especially when it is used to make precious green tea (such as Longjing, Dongting Biluochun), you can fully appreciate the soup color of tea and the "dance posture" of tea. People like to enjoy the beautiful shape and color of tea buds in tea soup when drinking famous green tea, so they like to use transparent glass cup to make tea.


At present, making tea by glass cup or glass water bottle has become a fashion nowadays. Tea pays attention not only to the enjoyment of taste, but also to the enjoyment of vision; let you quietly realize the taste of life, taste the beauty of life!