May Time Not Waste Us

- Apr 19, 2019-

Recently, the post-90s generation is very hot. But it is true that many people around have begun to use thermos cups, eat tonics, and pay attention to health. This represents that this generation has gradually begun to enter middle age.


Every party, we chat about traditional Chinese medicine, health care, when to sleep and when to get up... I remember that we were talking about our dreams, love and future. But I don't think it must be a bad thing. This generation is entering middle age, which also means that they are becoming the mainstay of this era.


Over the years, every time you attend forums and activities, you will be surprised to find that the bosses and managers of some companies are born after 90. In other words, these people have become the core of the company. In other words, the post-90s generation has grown into a wall, which is no weaker than previous generations.


The times are getting better and better.


If we have to talk about the post-90s generation, I think the first post-90s generation should be most concerned about: houses, cars and babies.


There are always some post-90s who choose different life paths. They are masters of life, taking into account family and career, coordinating family and loved ones; they climb in the muddy road and strive to live each day well; they have a strong sense of responsibility, and always tell themselves: even if they can not change the world, they do not want to be changed by the world.


These people are actually around us. These people are their heroes.


The post-90s generation is also approaching middle age, and seems to be indifferent to many things: like me, I will never see what I like and shout, nor will I ever meet a love and tears fill my eyes. The older a person grows, the more lonely he feels. The higher the laughter, the higher the tear point, numbness seems to be a pronoun of maturity.


But we can choose not to live like this. We can choose to add some temperature, some hope, some touching and some goals to life. We can even joke that we are post-00s, always open, always learning, always progress, always believe in and face the world warmly.