Novice Mothers Must Read When Choosing Baby Bottles

- Jul 10, 2019-

Baby bottles are the first step for parents to choose feeding tools for their babies. There are so many kinds of baby bottles on the market that they are dazzling. There are three main considerations in choosing baby bottles: safety, functionality and aesthetics (the price of baby bottles varies from person to person, not discussed here).

1. Safety.

At present, the baby bottle body materials on the market are PP, PC, PES, glass, silica gel.

The first three materials are light and not afraid of falling, but PC will produce chemical toxins, such as bisphenol A, when heated, so baby bottles and tableware should not be made of PC materials. PP, PES material is safe and non-toxic, suitable for baby use.

Glass material is easy to clean, easy to disinfect, no chemical toxins, is the first choice. But glass fragility is a disadvantage.

Silicone baby bottles are soft and feel good, non-toxic, safe and not afraid of falling. It's a new product.

The material of nipple is made of latex and silica gel, which is soft and durable.

Suggestion: Big brands such as DILLER baby bottles are the best choice for baby bottles.


2. Functionality.

Different baby bottle brands have different functional characteristics. Some prevent babies from drinking air, some shape close to breasts, and some nipples taste closer to nipples. You can buy it on demand. But it is worth noting that the baby bottle with the best exhaust should also belch the baby after feeding to prevent vomiting.

Suggestion: Baby milk powder feeding try to buy wide caliber bottles, better use. Buying baby bottles and breast pump is best matched, which is easier to use and more resource-efficient.


3. Appearance of baby bottles

Suggestion: Buy 1 ~ 2 120 ml baby bottles first, and then choose baby bottles with personality color patterns after the baby is born. Look at all kinds of brand baby bottles, compare and choose suitable ones.