Perfect Imperfection

- Aug 06, 2019-

A supermarket bought a new batch of high-grade water bottles with novel style and even tone. Manager Zhang of the supermarket believed that they would become a hot commodity.

Strangely, however, a week goes by and a month goes by, and customers buy very little. Many customers were surprised to see such a beautiful water bottle at first, but after carefully looking at it in their hands, they shook their heads, put down their water bottles and walked away.

Manager Zhang was puzzled and went to consult a psychologist.

The psychologist picked up the water bottles and looked at them carefully. He asked the manager to send someone immediately to take all the lids off the water bottles, but the water bottles were still on the counter for the original price.

"These water bottles are novel in design and exquisite in workmanship, but their lids have a defect. Customers want to buy the water bottles, but they always feel that they will suffer. Now that the lids are gone, they are the perfect water bottles again."

Ten days later, the water bottles were snapped up.

Often, our troubles come not from the pursuit of beauty, but from the pursuit of perfection. Because of the deliberate pursuit of perfection, we can not tolerate the existence of defects. As a result, often a small defect may obscure our aesthetic eyes, leaving our eyes stuck in the defects and ignoring the other good things around us, resulting in the miss of many good things.