Professional Temperature Measurement Technology Of Insulated Water Bottle

- Apr 09, 2020-

Professional temperature measurement technology of insulated water bottle.

From the technical point of view, the production process of the insulated water bottle is quite complex, which requires many professional masters to carry out professional operation, and a qualified insulated water bottle can be completed after a variety of assembly processes. In the production process of the insulated water bottle, many large-scale professional equipment are needed, among which temperature measurement is an essential step.

For the temperature measurement of the insulated water bottle, large-scale machines and equipment are also needed, which are mainly made of steel. They are specially used for measuring the stainless steel insulated water bottle, the thermos flask, etc., which can reach hundreds of degrees.

First of all, before the temperature measurement, preheat the machine, wait about three minutes, and then reach about 75 , and put the semi-finished products of the insulated water bottle upside down on the steel column. Re open the temperature measuring platform, usually use the hot air heating method to measure the temperature, so that the cup body is evenly heated. After the insulated water bottle is heated for about one minute, carefully touch the insulated water bottle body with your hand to see if it is heated.

The temperature of the insulated water bottle with different capacity to be tested is different, which requires professional personnel to operate. The heat preservation difference of the insulated water bottle lies in the bottleneck, where most of the heat is transferred. Under normal circumstances, the larger the capacity and the smaller the bottle mouth, the better the heat preservation effect. After temperature measurement and screening, it can really ensure that the insulated water bottle produced meets the requirements.

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