Selection And Purchase Of Plastic Water Bottles

- May 20, 2019-

1. Use of water bottles. The bottle body will be marked for use, so the water bottle should choose "Food Grade", and the water bottle marked for other uses should not be purchased or used as far as possible, otherwise it will have adverse effects on health. Don't buy plastic water bottles that are not marked for use.


2. Material. The material of the water bottle determines the quality of the water bottle. Generally speaking, the Tritan and PP is better. This kind of material has strong resistance to high temperature and low temperature, BPA-free.


3. Smell. Good plastic water bottles will not have very special odor, but some inferior plastic water bottles will have a pungent odor, indicating that the quality of this cup is very poor, try not to buy.


4. Production license sign. Before the production of water bottles, a special agency is required to issue a license, so the bottle body will be marked with the "QS" production license sign, although the mark does not determine the quality of the bottle, but the water bottle with this mark can be considered for purchase. And the logo of the cup body should be pure in color and clear in design, beware of counterfeit and inferior products.


5. Manufacturer, address and contact information, etc. The water bottles produced by regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the specific manufacturers, production addresses, distributors, specific contact methods and so on. The information mentioned above is often ambiguous, or there is no similar information at all.