Story Of Thermos Bottle And Water Cup

- Jun 19, 2019-

Story of Thermos Bottle and Water Cup

Wang Sisi has a beautiful insulated water bottle and a beloved water cup. She loves them very much, but the two cups don't get along very well.

The thermos bottle thinks it's great. It always looks down on the water cup and often teases it.

"Do you dare to compare the heat preservation effect with me? Little cup!"

"I dare not, sister thermos water bottle," said the water cup modestly.

"I knew you didn't dare, cowardly things!" said the thermos bottle in a contemptuous tone.

"I don't compare the thermal insulation effect with you, but it's not cowardly. We were born with water, not with comparative skills, and again..."

"Shut up!" the thermos bottle was angry. "How dare you compare with me? Wait, it's winter soon. Then the little master will throw you aside and only use me to drink water."


This day really came. When Wang Sisi came back from school, she picked up her thermos bottle and drank, "Ah...!"

As she cried, she ran to her mother and said, "Mom, I've been scalded by a thermos bottle." She stretched out her red tongue.

Mother patted her head and said gently, "Go and drink some water from a glass water cup. The water in it is cold, and it will be much more comfortable if you drink it."

Wang Sisi drank a mouthful and said, "Mum, I'm much better! You can help me pour some hot water in the thermos bottle into the water cup!" So Mom poured the water from the thermos bottle into the water cup. The temperature was just right. Wang Sisi took the water cup and drank it in a big gulp. The thermos bottle looked down shamefully.


The water cup looked at the insulated water bottle and said gently, "Everyone has his own strengths. In winter, you can let the little master drink hot water. In summer, I can let the little master drink cold water. We are all indispensable things for the little master. Don't be sad!"

The thermos water bottle said, "Thank you! It made me understand that sometimes a foot may prove short while an inch may prove long.—Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.”