Super Full Glass Water Bottle Shopping Guide

- Dec 02, 2019-

Crystal clear glass water bottle has become everyone's love. But in the face of a wide range of glass products, how to choose?

Common glass: ordinary glass water bottle, crystal glass water bottle, toughened glass water bottle, high borosilicate glass water bottle.

Safety: high borosilicate glass water bottle > toughened glass water bottle > crystal glass water bottle > ordinary glass water bottle

Price: crystal glass water bottle > high borosilicate glass water bottle > toughening glass water bottle > ordinary glass water bottle

Recommendation: high borosilicate glass water bottle > toughened glass water bottle > crystal glass water bottle > ordinary glass water bottle.


High borosilicate glass water bottle: safe and easy to use, good quality and low price.

The main components of high borosilicate glass are boron and silicon. It is a safe and cheap glassware and highly recommended glass type. It has these advantages: 1. Good transparency, light and thin. Because it is usually blown, the wall of the cup is light and thin. 2. High temperature and low temperature resistance, not easy to crack. 3. Good acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic and harmless for daily use.


Crystal glass water bottle: crystal clear, expensive.

Crystal glass is the material of high-end products. It has higher transmittance, higher hardness and clearer sound than ordinary glass water bottle, so you will think it is better in texture. Crystal glass water bottle is divided into natural crystal glass water bottle, artificial leadless crystal glass water bottle and artificial leaded crystal glass water bottle. The price of natural crystal glass water bottle is expensive. A cup costs nearly 1000 yuan, such as a high-end red wine cup. Cheap man-made crystal glass water bottle is added with lead in ordinary glass water bottle, so it is harmful to human body when used. We recommend you to buy lead-free crystal glassware.


Toughened glass water bottle: durable, bending and impact resistant.

The strength of toughened glass is about four times higher than that of ordinary glass water bottle, with good bending and impact strength. When toughened glass water bottle is broken, it will become honeycomb shaped blunt angle broken small particles, which is not easy to cause serious injury to human body. Toughened glass water bottle also has good thermal stability. It can bear three times of the temperature difference of ordinary glass, but its thickness is a little thicker than that of high borosilicate glass water bottle, which is slightly bulky.


The thicker the glass water bottle, the better?

The quality of glass water bottles mainly depends on the material, not the thicker the better. The glass water bottle with poor material is thicker and easier to crack. High borosilicate glass water bottles are not only heat-resistant and cold resistant, not easy to crack, but also light and good-looking.


How to choose glass water bottle?

1. The more transparent the glass water bottle is, the better. Do not use the glass water bottle with impurities. If there are obvious scratches or dark marks on the inner and outer walls of the cup body, it is easy to breed bacteria and the quality is poor.


2. The glass water bottle is not afraid of slowly heating or cooling, but afraid of "sudden cold and sudden heat", which may cause the glass water bottle to crack. So we should try our best to avoid this situation in the process of use, safe use.