Tea Infuser Bottle Becomes The New Trend Of Custom Gift Cup.

- Apr 20, 2020-

In recent years, the water bottle plays the role of household daily necessities in daily life, and also occupies a place in the water bottle customization industry. Now almost all kinds of water bottles can be used as gift water bottles, especially tea infuser bottles have become the new trend of gift water bottle customization. There are many people who love to make tea in life to customize tea infuser bottles, and some companies purchase tea infuser bottles wholesale to customize the business gift water bottles that meet the needs of the company.

Tea infuser bottle is mainly to add a tea filter design in the bottle, which can brew various kinds of tea according to personal preferences, separate water and tea through tea filter, and truly realize tea water separation. When the concentration of tea is just right, take out the tea filter and drink tea.

It is such a simple design of tea filter that has attracted many fans who like to make tea and drink, and also like to play outdoor sports. Even if they are outdoors, they can enjoy the fun of making tea anytime and anywhere.

It is not only the tea infuser bottle that is favored by everyone, but also many sports water bottle and stainless steel insulated water bottle enterprises have provided the customized service of gift cup, which has attracted many companies to wholesale and customize the gift water bottle and customize it according to the needs of customers, and gradually stand out in the gift field.

399MLH454 tea infuser bottle