The Benefits Of Ceramic Cup

- May 05, 2019-

Ceramics are fired at a high temperature of 1320 degrees Celsius. Normal life can not exceed this temperature, so we generally recommend the use of ceramic cups for drinking water. Ceramic cups are non-toxic and odorless. We usually use ceramic cups for tea because they have better thermal insulation characteristics.


What other characteristics do ceramic cups have?

1. Ceramic cups have less harmful gases and substances brought about by their materials.

2. Qualified ceramic cups are completely harmless, unlike metal cups, which may ingest harmful metals for a long time.

3. It alleviates the penetration, erosion and erosion of carbon bricks caused by hot metal and alkaline substances. Moreover, mullite and brown corundum are advanced ceramics with low thermal conductivity, which have high erosion resistance and erosion resistance. Eliminate the brittle layer of large carbon bricks.

4. According to the material characteristics of ceramic cup, the temperature of hot metal is increased and the heat loss is reduced.

5. Because of the insulating effect of ceramic cup, the heat loss decreases during blast stoppage, which is conducive to resuming normal operation during blast stoppage.


Ceramic cups not only have many advantages, but also become the necessities of people's life in a fast-paced life. It's also a good choice to give friends as gifts and a healthy gift for friends.