The Harm Of Stewed Porridge With Thermos Water Bottle

- Dec 27, 2019-

The harm of stewed porridge with thermos water bottle.

Nowadays, office workers have a fast pace of life. They often don't have so much time to cook porridge, but they want to drink a bowl of healthy and nutritious hot porridge, so most people choose to stew porridge in a thermos water bottle. Although it is more convenient to stew porridge in a thermos water bottle, the damage to human body is also serious if you often eat it. So, what's the harm of stewing porridge with thermos water bottle?


1. It is not good for the body to absorb nutrition. The boiling point of boiled water is 100 degrees, and the hot ripening point of rice is 120-150 degrees, that is to say, boiled rice is only eight mature, although it can be eaten, but long-term consumption of undercooked food has an impact on the body. From the perspective of nutrition, undercooked food is not conducive to the body's absorption.

2. Most of the nutrition of porridge is lost. In the process of cooking, nutrients such as protein and inorganic salt may not have a lot of loss. But with the increase of heating or holding time, vitamin B1 may lose half or even more. If you put salt in the porridge, the loss of vitamin B1 may be more serious.

3. Bacteria growth. The temperature and humidity in the thermos water bottle are just right, which is easy to cause the rapid growth of bacteria, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction, diarrhea, gastroenteritis disease, so it is not recommended to place food in the thermos water bottle, especially cooked food for a long time. Therefore, porridge stewed in a thermos water bottle should be eaten as early as possible.