The Story Of Water Bottle And Water

- May 14, 2019-

Some people say that a woman is made of water, and that man is a glass water bottle. One day it rained, the water bottle stood there, looking at the rain in the sky, dripping into his heart, the water bottle fell in love with her!


The glass water bottle is new, there is no lid. One day, the water bottle accidentally ran to the sun. The sun shined on the water in the cup and the water bottle. It was very hot. The water bottle had no lid. He could not keep the water. The water slowly turned into steam. The water bottle was crying. Because of the sun, the tears were evaporating, so no one saw the water bottle crying.


Fortunately, the water left a watermark in the water bottle, so the water bottle tried hard to find the lid, covered itself, and then ran around looking for her water vapor. He looked for it for a long time.


It was cloudy and it was going to rain. The water bottle found her. So he opened the lid and begged silently. Suddenly, he found that she had fallen into another water bottle. The water bottle was very clever and quickly covered it.


He will never get her, nor see her again. The water bottle covered itself with the lid. He was in tears. It was still raining. Rain hit the face of the cup. He mixed with his tears. After the rain, God blew a wind. So the face of the water bottle left a lot of watermarks. The water bottle did not pay attention to it, because the water bottle would not wipe its face. At this time, the water bottle knew that the water mark in his heart was the tears when she left. She is afraid of heat, and the cup is not sensible, ran to the sun, not she wants to go, it is his fault, everything is his fault!