The Touch Of The Glass Cup

- Sep 24, 2019-

There is a glass water bottle on the desk at home, which is delicate and crystal clear. It is inscribed with beautiful poems. The handwriting is elegant and smart, the plum blossom is elegant and handsome, and it is very warm and pleasant.

Some people say that "with a beautiful cup, you will feel better when you drink water". I think so. In the quiet night, the noise fades away, the impetuosity fades away, and the mood is calm and relaxed. At this time, hold up a beautiful glass cup, make a cup of tea, watch the dark green Longjing tumbling up and down, stretching, curling fragrance refreshing, beautiful mood is not only? Slowly sipping, time seems to slow down.


Time slowly polished the corners of the eyes, cheeks are still smooth, but not young. I don't know when I began to like tea and began to care about cups. It's like liking life and caring about the quality of life. Tea must be available, preferably better.

The glass cup was changed on the desk, and the tea made by the glass cup was more mellow and fragrant. Short cups are like slowly getting thicker. The cup is on the table, just like the middle-aged people standing there, solid, thick and steady. Begin to really learn to think, and constantly reflect on themselves. Start using your brain to direct action and work creatively. Begin to love your children and be considerate to your parents.

Cup after cup, the time passed into years. In the past, abandoned and broken cups have no regret at all, just like squandering a lot of youth. But when the glass was washed, the sound of falling into the basin hurt me for a long time. A thin crack across the cup, "broken" beauty is the most distressing. Perhaps beautiful things will not last long, people will be old, beauty will be late, this is the law of nature, can not change, can only change their mindset, health, sunshine, calm.