Three Details Of Shopping Kids Water Bottles

- Apr 10, 2020-

Now in order to make children drink water easily and healthily, there are kids water bottle s designed for children on the market. Most of the time, when choosing kids water bottles, mothers always pay attention to the material, style and leakproofness of the kids water bottles, thus neglecting some small details. Today, I'd like to introduce three details that we need to pay attention to when purchasing kids water bottles.

The first detail is to observe with your eyes. When purchasing kids water bottles, remember to check the product label and manufacturer's information of kids water bottles to find out whether it has obtained relevant safety certification and whether there are obvious impurities in the bottle body, especially the mouth of the bottle.

The second is to smell. A qualified kids water bottle has no peculiar smell. Open the lid to smell the pungent smell when buying the kids water bottles. If the poor quality kids water bottles has obvious peculiar smell, don't buy it.

The last tip is to touch the texture of the kids water bottles with your hand when you buy kids water bottles. Because the design of kids water bottles is different from that of common water bottle, most of them adopt straw design, which can make children drink water easily. Therefore, parents must pay attention to touch the mouth of the straw and the body of the bottle to see if it is smooth, so as to prevent children from being scratched when using it.

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