Three Wear Stages Of Double Wall Glass Water Bottle

- Nov 12, 2019-

Three wear stages of double wall glass water bottle.

When double wall glass water bottle is made, it is accompanied by wear, which exists in three stages:

First stage: Due to the rough wave force of the friction surface machining of the double wall glass water bottle part, there is strong friction and large amount of wear in relative motion. When the friction surface is smooth, the gap between the components after being polished smooth reaches a certain value, which is called the running in stage.

The second stage: As the friction between the double wall glass water bottle has been running on a flat and smooth surface, and there is a certain normal gap. If there is good lubrication, the friction effect between parts is not large, so the wear is small, and the change of part gap is very slow, which can be used for a long time, called the use wear stage.

The third stage: Because the increased part gap is from normal to allowable limit, if it continues to be used at this time, the part gap is too large to guarantee lubrication, and the wear is increasing rapidly, causing damage to the double wall glass water bottle, machine failure and accident. This stage is called the accident wear stage.