Tips On Feeding Bottle Selection

- Mar 01, 2019-

What kind of baby feeding bottle is suitable for newborn babies?

There are many kinds of baby feeding bottles on the market. How do mothers choose?

1. The caliber of the feeding bottle. The caliber of the baby bottle can be divided into standard and wide caliber. The milk powder is not easy to sprinkle when the feeding bottle is adjusted with wide caliber design. It is more convenient to clean and use.


2. The capacity of feeding bottle: The more common baby bottles are divided into 120 ml, 160 ml, 200 ml, 240 ml. Generally speaking, 0-1 month babies need at least 120 ml feeding bottles. Some mothers buy 240 ml of feeding bottles directly for financial reasons. But some mothers reported that if you start with a large feeding bottle, when feeding, you always feel that your baby eats less and unconsciously feeds more.

3. The number of feeding bottle. At least two feeding bottles are needed for breast-feeding, one is for breast-feeding and the other is for water. If there is breast milk, it is recommended to buy a breast-like pacifier, so that the baby can avoid only breast-feeding or bottle-feeding. If pure milk feeding, buy a anti-inflation bottle, to avoid the baby always choking, spitting and other issues! The best is to buy glass! The bottle is about 250 ml! Different age groups have different flow of nipples! Remember to change the nipple once a month at the most!