Two Stories About Cups

- May 07, 2019-

I've seen two recent stories about cup design. The first story is about a couple, the boy likes porcelain, he came to Jingdezhen. His wife left the city and followed him. Finally, the boy designed a deer hidden cup. The boy said that the deer leaping out of the woods was himself, meaning to guard, while the deer lying quietly in the tree cave was his wife, meaning to snuggle, just like they are now!

Another story tells of a cupmaker who found burnt marks on a burnt cup. Suddenly, he tried again and again, turning this trace into a kind of "withered" artistic conception. So, on his cup, the flowers blossom till they close, and the years precipitate and condense into the withered marks on the flower.

The sentence in the report is still fresh in my memory: "When we hold these unique cups, we feel as if we have tasted all the joys and sorrows of life!"


The world is big, but there are always so many similar but inexplicably touching things, such as guarding and snuggling love, such as blooming to withered life! When these, reflected in the cup, can you arouse a trace of resonance?

When I was a child, for a long time, I used bowls to drink water. Ceramic cylinders are rare in every household.

Later, we used glass cup, plastic kettle, insulation cup, mug... The evolution of each cup represents the improvement of the quality of life and even the optimization of knowledge.


According to historical textual research, there were cups in the Neolithic Age. In thousands of years of civilization, the material and shape of the cup are varied, but its function is just like these, such as filling wine, filling tea or drinking water.


People often say that tea and wine, like life, can carry the container of life, and what should it be?