Two Water Bottles

- Aug 08, 2019-

There was a young man who wanted to buy a water bottle of good quality. He holds a water bottle and gently collides with other water bottles. When the water bottle collides, it makes a dull, muddy noise. He shakes his head in disappointment and tries another water bottle. He tried almost all the water bottles in the shop, and even the water bottle that his boss regarded as the best water bottle were put back on the shelf shaking his head disappointedly.

The boss was very puzzled and asked him why he always touched the other water bottles with the water bottle in his hand.

The young man proudly told his boss that an old man told him the trick of selecting water bottles. When one water bottle collided with another, it would make a crisp and pleasant noise. It must be a good water bottle. Suddenly, the boss realized and said, "You try with my best water bottle."

The young man touched the other water bottles with the so-called best water bottle. Every water bottle made a crisp noise. He was surprised. The boss laughed and said, "The reason is very simple. The water bottle you just took is a defective product. The sound you try out with it must be muddy. If you want to get a good water bottle, first of all, make sure that the one you take is a good water bottle.

Everyone is like a water bottle. What kind of water bottle you are, you will bump into what kind of sound; how you do, you will get what kind of results. Therefore, if the appearance is not beautiful, but also want to get good, then let your heart full of goodness, trust, tolerance and sincerity!