Understand The Use Of Vacuum Water Bottle.

- Mar 05, 2019-

The insulation principle of the vacuum water bottle is very simple, which is to block heat conduction as far as possible.  How to achieve super insulation effect of vacuum water bottle is to reduce heat loss as much as possible, but stainless steel metal is a good conductor of heat. Perhaps some people will ask why stainless steel water bottle have thermal insulation function? Because we use double stainless steel and vacuum to block heat transfer, because air is a bad conductor of heat, the higher the vacuum, the better the thermal insulation effect. Moreover, stainless steel is chosen because of its corrosion resistance, good ductility, safety and reliability.


The main reason why vacuum water bottle can keep warm is that the vacuum of vacuum water bottle prevents heat transfer. There are three ways of heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation, so even in a vacuum environment, heat can be transferred, but the speed is slower. Vacuum of vacuum water bottle can only prevent heat conduction as far as possible, but in fact, heat conduction still occurs. When the temperature of water in vacuum water bottle is higher than the outside temperature, the cooling rate of water temperature in vacuum water bottle can be slowed down. When the temperature of water in vacuum water bottle is lower than the outside temperature, the rising speed of water temperature in vacuum water bottle can be slowed down. Therefore, the vacuum water bottle can not only keeps the water warm, but also keeps the water cold.


Method of using vacuum water bottle. Most people use vacuum water bottle method is irregular, let's look at the normal water filling steps. When we fill hot water or ice water, we can first put a little water in to preheat or pre-cool it, then pour it out and fill it with boiling water or ice water (because the inner material will absorb heat quickly and reach the critical state), but do not fill the whole inner liner, leaving a part of the gap (air is a bad conductor of heat), so that water can not contact the lid, because the thermal conductivity of air is slow, the plug isolates the convective heat transfer from the bottle mouth, and the water temperature drops slowly, and because there is air left, at first a large amount of air is discharged from the bottle because of thermal expansion, then the temperature in the bottle decreases, which makes the atmospheric pressure inside the bottle lower than outside the bottle, which is more conducive to heat preservation.

Above is the introduction about the "insulation principle of vacuum water bottle - why can the vacuum water bottle be insulated and how to use the vacuum water bottle", hoping to help you.