Various Specifications Of Plastic Cup

- Jan 09, 2020-

1. PP plastic cup: it's common in China. If you add some other formula, it can withstand the temperature of - 30 to 120 . PP plastic cup cost and sanitation are better. So it is widely used.


2. PET plastic cup: PET plastic cup is characterized by high transparency and high hardness, which is the common material of disposable cup. However, due to the problems of raw materials and manufacturing costs, the scope of application is not very wide.


3. PS plastic cup: it is mainly used on the injection cup. For example, the aviation Cup on the plane is made of PS injection.


4. EPS plastic cups: commonly known as foam cups or foam cups, EPS plastic cups are banned in mainland China because of the state's strict prohibition, but there are still quite a few in Tainan. Its characteristic is that it can play a certain role in heat insulation and cold insulation when drinking with a cup. But the foam cup can not be recycled, and when EPS is burned, it will produce toxic gas and cause cancer, which is quite harmful to human body.


5. PLA plastic cup: PLA is a new type of environmental protection material. Its characteristic is that it can be degraded after being buried in the soil.