What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Foldable Water Bottles

- Jun 12, 2019-

What are the advantages of silicone foldable water bottles

1. The bottle has a large caliber, so it is very convenient for water to pour in and out.

2. The white cap that controls the flow of water at the mouth of the bottle can be removed by itself and put into large objects such as ice cubes.

3. Made of high-quality silica gel without BPA and certified by FDA.

4. Soft and foldable, foldable and can be stored in any backpack pocket, etc.

5. Spherical shape, no folding will leave creases.

6. Aluminum circular hanging ring.

7. It can be used in microwave oven, filled with boiling water, frozen and suitable for dishwasher.

8. Stable appearance, no harmful chemicals released.

9. Ultra-light weight (550ML 91g)


Diller has always adhered to the principle of novelty to bring you a very fashionable water bottle - Outdoor foldable water bottle. Maybe you also use traditional heavy, rigid water bottles when traveling or exercising outdoors. Plastic or glass can greatly reduce the portability of your water bottles. Silicone collapsible water bottles from Diller will change the way we drink. You can use it as a traditional water bottle. Its foldability makes it easy to carry, because its silicone material can be folded. There is no burden to put this water bottle in a packed backpack. 20oz (550ml weighs only 91g), and you can also put it in ice cubes. It can be used to cool an accidental scald or a cold or fever. It can also be a hot water bag when it's cold. Outdoor folding water bottles are made of high-grade silicone grease, BPA-free and FDA-certified. Attached with aluminium hanging ring, hanging on the bag or belt can be. Its design points are also reflected in the use of microwave ovens, boiling water outdoors, whether frozen or refrigerated, OK, can also be washed with dishwasher. There are also suction cup caps and insulating cup sets available for purchase.