What Are The Popular Styles Of Thermos Water Bottles?

- Apr 27, 2020-

In the wholesale market of thermos water bottle, through continuous development and innovation, there are various types of thermos water bottle styles, but there are always several thermos water bottle styles lasting, whether from the appearance design or functional novelty, it is still favored by many consumers.

1. Fashionable cartoon thermos water bottle: the colorful thermos water bottle is popular in the wholesale market. The focus is to put the target consumer groups on the young children and young fashion groups, integrate the popular cartoon character pattern into the thermos water bottle, and transform the appearance design of the thermos water bottle;

2. Double glass type thermos water bottle: it is made of double glass. The middle of the glass is in the vacuum state. The purpose of heat preservation is achieved through vacuum heat insulation. In the market, this kind of thermos water bottle can observe the state and color of tea through clear glass, especially favored by those business people who often make tea;

3. Sports type thermos water bottle: under the function of maintaining the original thermos water bottle, and with the appearance design focusing on hanging buckle and convenient hand clasp, it is convenient for people to use in outdoor sports, and has become a new favorite of sports lovers.

It can be seen that the popular styles in the wholesale market of thermos water bottles are basically the thermos water bottles at the front of the trend, so they can attract so many consumers.

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