What If The Stainless Steel Thermos Does Not Keep Warm?

- Feb 19, 2019-

When the vacuum insulated water bottle is heavily impacted, there may be a rupture between the shell and the vacuum layer. After the rupture, the air enters the interlayer, so the insulating performance of the vacuum insulated water bottle is destroyed. This is normal, no matter what kind of insulated water bottle, they all have the same principle, that is, using double stainless steel to extract the middle air, to achieve a certain degree of vacuum, so that the heat of the water inside can pass out as slowly as possible. This process is related to the vacuum degree of the process and the extraction.


The quality of the process determines the time for the insulation deterioration of the insulated water bottle. In addition, the insulated water bottle has been severely damaged in the course of use, it will also become unsaturated, because the vacuum layer leaks into the air, and forms convection in the interlayer, so it can not achieve the function of isolation inside and outside.

How to repair the deterioration of insulation performance of vacuum insulated bottle?

Although the vacuum insulated bottle can not be maintained without heat preservation, it is because of air leakage and no vacuum, but the vacuum insulated bottle can still be used. Although the insulation time is not ideal, it is still a good water bottle. If it has special significance for you, you can keep it. It is also a low-carbon healthy life.


Cautions for Use of Thermal Insulation Water Bottle

1. Before use, rinse it several times with boiling water and sterilize it at high temperature.

2.Don't fill the water too full to avoid being scalded by hot water.

3. Vacuum insulated bottle should not be filled with carbonated drinks such as milk, dairy products and fruit juice for a long time.

4. When cleaning, use soft cloth and warm water diluted food detergent to clean, do not use alkaline detergent, chemical cloth, etc. After use, please clean and dry it thoroughly.